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How to Install a Wooden Furniture Feet

by Theresa

There are a couple of reasons for installing furniture feet to any furniture. First, some furniture pieces do not come with any and may need to be lifted off the ground. You could also just feel the need to change the furniture’s feet. There are many modern furniture feet options available to choose from, but today the focus will be on wooden furniture feet.

Step1: Install Top Plates

Most wooden furniture feet do not come with a pre-installed top plate. These top plates are also referred to as corner plates, in case you have no idea what’s being referred to.

They act as an anchor where the furniture feet would be attached to the bottom of the furniture. Screw them tightly to the undersurface of the furniture. Make sure there are no screws sticking out of the top plates. You can find them to buy at any local store or can conveniently buy them online.

Step 2: Install hanger bolts

Some wooden furniture feet do not come with these bolts in place. If yours don’t, you’ll need to install them. If your furniture feet has one, you’re better off skipping this step to the next. Hanger bolts secure the top of the furniture feet to the bottom of the furniture. It’s that bolt sticking out from the top of the furniture feet. It’s easy to know if they are installed or not. A flat wooden top means you’ll need to install a hanger bolt.

To install the hanger bolt, drill into the middle of the top of the furniture feet. Keep your hands steady and ensure you drill straight. Use a drill bit that’s the same size as the bolt or one that’s slightly smaller. You want the bolt to sit firmly in the hole.

To push the bolt down the hole without damaging the bolt threads, place two similar-sized nuts on the body of the bolt. Then, use a wrench to turn both nuts in opposite directions. This will screw the bolt into the hole.

Step 3: Screw furniture feet into the top plate

With the hanging bolt firmly drilled into the hole with a wrench, the furniture feet are ready to be attached to the bottom of the furniture. Again, the top plates should already be drilled to the under of the furniture waiting for the furniture feet to be attached.

For easy attachment, turn the furniture upside down. Then, steadily screw the furniture feet with an attached hanging bolt into the hole of the top plate. Screw until you notice it holds firmly to the furniture. You do not need to over-screw the feet. Once it has a tight grip, it can hold the furniture in place.

Step 4: Paint if needed

Wooden furniture feet can be painted and repainted to any matching furniture colour. If you choose to paint the furniture feet, extra care should be taken not to touch the furniture (if it doesn’t have a matching color with the furniture feet).


Furniture feet can add beauty and significant ground clearance to any furniture. Whatever the reason for needing furniture feet, ensure it is firmly attached to the base of the furniture.

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